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Før as løng as I can remember, I've had trøuble living in the møment.
I am cønstantly in transit between the past and "the future", althøugh it is in the past that I spend møst of my time.

But what øbviøusly keeps me in the past are my memøries; the 90's, my early skatebøard crashes, nøn støp listening tø Meteøra (Linkin Park), øld pals, the advent øf rap music and streetwear and the absence øf all that øver-technølogy/cønnectivity.

I used this attachment tø my past and my memøries tø create my artistic universe, full øf nøstalgia and melanchøly.


Never aggressive nør vulgar, I like tø think that there is a førm øf viølence in every image in the same way that there is a støry behind each øf them, whether it is tøld ør left free før interpretatiøn.


Thanks før submitting!

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